3 basic mindsets that ensure keto diet success

January 1, 2020 admin 0

3 basic mindsets that ensure keto diet success I don’t know many diets you’ve been through, but let me tell you, if you don’t have the right mindset, chances are you’re not going to succeed. In fact, if you’re like most people, your experience will fit a very familiar pattern. […]

Keto – 5 Best reviewed snacks

December 12, 2019 admin 0

With over 1000 reviews these snacks has over 4 stars. DANG keto snack (click to buy) PERFECT KETO SNACK: Dang Bar has the ideal macro nutrient ratio for the ketogenic diet with 4-5g Net Carbs, 14-15g Fat and 9-10g Protein. Perfect for office snacks, quick breakfast bars or as an […]

Keto-Wow Sooo Sweet.

December 11, 2019 admin 0

Amazing Keto Chocolate Cookie Dough bars ✅UNBEATABLE MACROS! Keto snacks just got easier. With just the right macros for a ketogenic diet or low-carb lifestyle, Kiss My Keto food bars will satisfy your sweet tooth while killing carb cravings. 19g Fat, 9g Protein, 3g Net Carbs. ✅ALL NATURAL, SIMPLE, & […]

Is this a diet?

Keto Diet – Is it for me?

November 25, 2019 CB B 0

Keto – What is it? If you are like me, with all the diets out there, you have asked or is asking yourself this question. To help us decide, maybe it’s good to first identify what is a Keto diet. Put simply, it is a low carb high fat diet. […]


About Healthy For Less

November 16, 2019 CB B 0

ABOUT ME I have been struggling for years now to reduce my weight. My wife have been pushing me to try to diet, and eat healthy. Although we have tried many diets, we find that nothing have worked long term. We are both approaching the big 50, and we know […]