Did gas kill my wife?

Our family

Did gas kill my wife? Part 1

Our family

Before you ask, what am I talking about? Let me explain, and maybe my explanation could help save the life of someone you love, or even yourself.
From the time my wife was 18 years of age, she suffered from high blood pressure. She was placed on medication that controlled her hypertension. But because of her experience, she would visit her doctors over the years regularly for checkups. They would do the normal physical and test her blood and urine. Apart from her blood pressure issue, all tests came back fine.

One year ago she started complaining of stomach pains. Every time she saw her doctor, one she had for over 5 years, she was told….you get it….you have gas, there is nothing to worry about. Her visits continued to grow in frequency, but every time the same diagnosis, you have gas. Her doctor finally decided in early 2021 to send her for the same blood work and test. Again, things came back showing no issues. This time, however, they even checked her blood for cancer. That even came back to be clear. This was welcomed news; maybe it’s really not so bad, we thought.
In May 2021, when her stomach pain was more than she could bear, I took her into the hospital. There they did the same blood work and other tests. Again, everything came back with no major issues. But one final test would change our lives forever. Just to make sure that everything was okay, the doctor did an x-ray. He saw some cloudiness and decided to send her for a CT scan the following day.

The doctor came in after the scan and said that he is sorry, but, my dear precious wife had colon cancer. Based on the scan, it seemed to have metastasized to her stomach and liver. He ordered a biopsy to be done as soon as possible. A few days later, a biopsy was done. It only confirmed that she had an aggressive form of cancer. But here’s the kicker. The cancer was in her system for 7 to 10 years. Remember, she was told over and over again, it’s just gas. I remember when we got back to our vehicle in the parking lot, I just broke down, could not control my tears. All the while my wife did not shed a tear. But for myself, I could not imagine my world without my wife. All our dreams were wrapped up in each other and our 2 children. Just a few weeks prior we were planning to retire at 55. She even drew the house we would build on an Island in the Caribbean. How do you go from seeing a future where we grow old together to one where the other person might not even be there? This was the start of a journey to save my wife.

Maybe you could learn something from our journey that could save you or a loved one.

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