Here are complete recipes that will provide endless meal options.


  Southern Keto

The ketogenic lifestyle doesn’t require a sacrifice of flavor! Many people think that going keto means they have to give up American traditional dishes, but with a little creativity most of your favorite foods can be made keto. Southern Keto will show you how to make your favorite comfort foods delicious and low-carb.  You don’t have to give up breading, cheesecake, pan fried chicken, or biscuits. Natasha “Tasha” Newton has you covered.

In this book she also shares her struggles from childhood obesity and years of yoyo dieting to being diagnosed with crohn’s disease at the age of 29. She’ll share with you how keto helped her to lose weight and gain freedom from sugar and food addiction. Natasha will serve you delicious and healthy keto meals side inspiration and encouragement! Being a southern girl she prides herself in recreating her family’s favorite foods, keto style. If it doesn’t taste great, she knows that her family won’t be interested!

In this book you’ll find:

* Over 100 delicious keto recipes,

* Multiple theme menu ideas

* Comprehensive grocery lists,

* Useful tips and tricks for getting started,

* And more!

If you’ve put off trying the keto diet for fear of missing out on your favorite foods, fear no more. Southern Keto will make sure flavor comes first while changing your health!


The ultimate weight loss plan for people who love fluffy, crunchy, doughy, chewy, sweet foods.

Keto for Carb Lovers pairs dozens of genius cooking hacks (hello, brownie bombs!) with the low-carb, high-fat keto diet so you can have the flavor and texture you love while still ditching the pounds.

Recipes include cookie dough keto fat bombs, carrot cake keto balls, Brussels sprouts “chips,” keto pancakes, cauliflower “toast,” cauliflower “benedict,” keto taco cups, cheese taco shells, keto lasagna, keto peanut butter cookies, keto pizza and much more.

This book contains:
– More than 100 recipes developed by the editors of
– 21-day menu plan created by Lara Clevenger, RD, who co-runs “The Keto Queens” website and social communities.
– Weekly grocery lists to plan the week ahead
-Meal prep to-do lists to minimize weeknight kitchen time
– Tips and tricks from the editors of Women’s Health

500 Keto Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook

The Complete Ketogenic Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe Book

Are you trying to live a healthier and happier life?
Do you want to improve your diet in fast and efficient way?

In this cookbook you will learn:

  • How to use and take care of your Instant Pot
  • How to lose weight while eating delicious meals
  • What foods are allowed and what not on a KETO diet.
  • How to use your Instant Pot to maximise the benefits of the KETO diet.

This cookbook includes proven strategies on how to maximize the use of your Instant Pot for better ketogenic meals. These recipes will guide you every step of the way in order to make the perfect meals without the fuss. Once you decided to go on the ketogenic diet, you, your Instant Pot and this cookbook are sure to become “best friends”!

In this book you will find 500 recipes in the following categories:

  • Poultry
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Vegetables & Side Dishes
  • Fast Snacks & Appetizers
  • Eggs & Diary
  • Vegan
  • Desserts
  • and more

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